Lettuce Bowl


Have you ever made a lettuce bowl? I decided to make a lettuce bowl by reusing a plastic food container with Eco Compost and my favorite Rocky Top Lettuce mix from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Unfortunately, because the windows are tinted where I was trying to grow this lettuce it got spindly and didn’t end up working out. BUT this method did work great with spinach seeds. And I was able to plant those little spinach plants into the garden.

I have always had GREAT luck with Rocky Top Lettuce Mix from Baker Creek. I put down a layer of compost on the ground and then sprinkle the seed on top. Lettuce needs light to germinate, so I don’t cover the seeds with dirt.  I keep the ground moist and usually harvest the lettuce as baby greens. I have had huge yields from this lettuce seed. And I have planted it in the garden again this year.



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